About Us

We specialize in getting businesses & people where they want to go.

When we search for professional candidates, we’re looking for more than just a list of abilities;
more than evaluating leadership, skills, strengths, and experiences.
We ask Why.  We strive to understand what motivates a person one way or another.

So, by the time you’re ready to meet the top candidate, you won’t be interviewing for qualifications, you’ll be ready to select the person who best fits your team.

We focus in recruiting higher-skilled professionals in a wide variety of industries, including:

Human Resources
Skilled Trades

Partnership with other Certified Professional Staffing Offices:

In addition to providing our clients with highly trained internal specialized professional recruiters, we have taken the service we provide a step further by partnering with other CPSF offices within Express and Top Echelon making us uniquely equipped to help you find the specialized, highly skilled talent your business needs.

Our search process includes:

Initial Discussion
First, we want to understand your company’s culture, establish the candidates’ specific requirements, desired qualities, and discuss a strategy for filling your need.
Candidate Search
Next, we’ll review our existing contact database, as well as seek out passive candidates.
Matching Skills to Position
Once we’ve identified candidates who match the skills and experience the position requires, they will be thoroughly vetted.
Reference Check & Interviews
Reference checks will be performed, as well as phone and in-person interviews.
Candidate Selection
Only after our high standards of excellence have been met will we present our top candidates for your final decision.

When good people find good careers, individuals, businesses and communities succeed together.

Our culture of caring is at the heart of every decision.

Gregory Schulten
Principal Owner
After 20 years as a corporate executive, and now specializing in consulting and recruiting, I have been fortunate to work with several great teams. These professional teams brought different backgrounds, perspectives and skills that make out of the box approach to analysis, process improvement, and innovation a daily activity. It has truly been a blessing working with these teams to improve the bottom line and operational effectiveness of the organizations we serve.

In 2011 we partnered with Express Employment Professionals. This partnership brought an ISO 9001 certified process that lets our customers know that we are committed to quality service and allows them to rest assured that we DO what we SAY. This venture also gave us a set of processes and training for our team in a wide area of disciplines.

Our goal is to improve the lives of the employees we recruit while improving the operational effectiveness and profitability of the companies we serve.
Our team has the “Can Do” approach to Management and HR Solutions with a Bottom Line Focus.
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