Building Businesses… Building Relationships!

Business decisions come down to time and money, and we can save you both. We have access to resources through our network of certified professional staffing partnerships that allow us to provide workforce solutions and a level of service other agencies just can’t match.

You Take Care of Business… We’ll Take Care of You!

We will manage the recruiting and selection process for you and present you with only the best people for your business needs. Each applicant goes through a multi-step selection process, including:

✓ Application Information Verification

✓ Detailed Interview

✓ Skills Evaluation

✓ Employment Verification – Confirms job experiences and references

✓ Matching Candidate Capabilities to Meet Our Client’s Needs

Each of these steps is crucial in helping you find skilled, qualified employees. But the most important part of our process is finding the right person who not only fits the job, but your unique company culture, as well.

Your Time Lost to Hire One Person

Hiring costs both time and money. In fact, more than you may realize. Take a look at the time involved for you to hire just one new employee

Post on Job Boards
Writing ads & posting to a job board takes about 1.5 hrs. On average, 250 resumes are received for each corporate job opening.
1.5 Hours
Reviewing Resumes and Applications
Surveys find that experienced recruiters spend only 6 seconds reviewing a resume. But if you’re more generous and spend up to 5 minutes per resume – that’s over 20 hours!
20 Hours
Prescreening Candidates
At only 15 minutes per candidate, it will take 2 hours to prescreen eight candidates over the phone.
2 Hours
Interview Prep
This includes scheduling interviews and preparing questions for six candidates. Plan on an average time of 1 hour and 15 minutes.
1 Hour
“Interviewing & Wrapping Up”
Initial interview, testing, reference checks, follow-up interviews, contacting other applicants, and making the employment offer can all add up to 7.5 hours.
7.5 Hours
Total Time to Place One Employee
This can range from a minimum of 30 hours to over 100 hours per position.
32 Hours

We do all of these tasks, so you can be more productive and cost effective. Let us send you a qualified candidate that fits your specific criteria and company culture.